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Bitcoin Gambling

It's been a few years since bitcoin gambling became available, and this currency is becoming increasingly popular in the online betting industry. Unless you've been totally cut off from the rest of the world lately, chances are you know that this is some sort of digital currency often called cryptocurrency. It was created and is controlled through digital encryption techniques. The transfer and verification of this currency is done via open-source software, and there is no intermediary or central bank involved. Bitcoin has become a popular payment method in the online betting industry, and there are a large number of French bitcoin online casinos.

You can find several online casinos, poker rooms and sports betting sites that accept this currency as a payment option, and it seems to be particularly popular with sports bettors as well as poker enthusiasts. Since 2008, Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people realize that there are advantages in using it. This page of our website contains information about French Bitcoin casinos and presents everything you need to know about the best of them, bonus offers and more.

Best Bitcoin casino

The best Bitcoin casino for France is the one that is legal and regulated in addition to offering all the favorite games. BitStarz online casino perfectly meets these criteria, but there are also several excellent choices. Either way, the best Bitcoin casino is the one that offers you exactly what you are looking for. The establishment on which you choose to play should be accredited, and the license issued by Curacao is the most common. It is for this reason that sites that hold its accreditation can be considered reliable. You must also be interested in the bonuses offered. The best Bitcoin casino will give you the opportunity to bet using both this cryptocurrency and ordinary currencies, and it should offer bonuses for both categories. It is also important to take a look at the range of games, as not all Bitcoin casinos are the same, and some offer a reduced game library while others offer the newest table games and slot machines. Do your research, or better, check out our reliable reviews and choose the site that suits you.

Bitcoin gambling and the world of online betting

Bitcoin is a universal currency often called cryptocurrency. It was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, and its popularity has increased year by year. This digital currency is generated through a process called "mining", and users who wish to " dig " bitcoins do so from their computers. The use of peer-to-peer bitcoin has made this currency extremely popular. It is also decentralized, meaning that no government is involved in its management.

For about a year, we have seen this currency emerge as a payment option on a large number of online casinos. Although the majority of them do not accept bitcoin, more and more platforms are beginning to look with a good eye at this currency. This is not only noticeable on online casinos, and there are poker sites and other betting sites. The surge in sports betting establishments also proves how popular this payment option has become. We hope to see more and more casinos opting for this cryptocurrency in the coming months.

Most popular casino games to bet on with bitcoin gambling

fill this out present that you know that Bitcoin casinos are popular, the equally important information that you must have relates to the games you can play. The answer is simple, with this cryptocurrency you can play all your favorite casino games including roulette, blackjack and slots. Punters were suspicious when the currency was launched, and the first sites to use it were not supervised, which made players dubious. Now things are different, and more and more major casino brands are starting to accept it, which implies that you can enjoy all your favorite titles designed by great developers. This includes the latest productions launched by brands like NetEnt and Betsoft. Whether you decide to play slots or blackjack using bitcoin, you can be confident that the games will be of superior quality.

You can play virtual games using bitcoin, but this does not end there. Indeed, you also have the opportunity to enjoy live casino games. This is more or less new, since securities with Live Dealers were only available to those who played with standard currencies. However, at the end of 2016, several of the best French casinos with Bitcoin added This option to live games. Among the live casino games which it is possible to play with this currency, there are blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Casino Hold'em, etc

Free no deposit bonuses offered by Bitcoin gambling casinos in 2020

If you feel like trying a Bitcoin Casino in 2020, we strongly recommend that you visit a site that offers a Bitcoin bonus. The best thing to do would be to look for a no deposit Bitcoin casino bonus. This is a welcome offer that is given to new players. It rewards registration and consists of free credits that you can use to test the site and earn real money at the same time. Casinos like this cryptocurrency, because its use saves more money than other options. Withdrawals are also free, safe, instant and easy.

If you are looking for a bitcoin casino bonus, you will be delighted to learn that these bonuses can be 5 times higher than those you receive when playing with your usual currency. Be sure to take a look at the bonuses we put at your disposal, and you can start enjoying the games right now.

Online betting FAQ about virtual currency

Is Bitcoin gambling legal ?

Bitcoin is not legalized in France, as there is no law governing its use or issuance. This is not to say that the currency is illegal, there is just a legal vacuum concerning it. The Banque de France thus indicates that no one can be punished for refusing to accept Bitcoin. It remains to be seen whether this state of affairs will change in the future and whether on the example of a few other countries, France will decide to formally legalize this cryptocurrency.

How can I buy bitcoins ?

Currently, players can buy bitcoins from publicly traded companies like, and you can also buy them from individuals who own the cryptocurrency and wish to sell it. It is also possible to purchase this virtual currency using cash, debit and credit cards, as well as other authorized payment methods. Regular users have an exchange account that allows them to buy and sell bitcoin.

Are Bitcoin gambling secure ?

The answer to this question depends on which Bitcoin casino you want to play on. All online betting sites we recommend are safe and secure, in addition to being deemed fair. You need to be careful when choosing a site. Make sure that the platform in question is accredited and has a good reputation.

What is the history of this virtual currency ?

Bitcoin was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a digital currency that can be used to transfer funds between two recipients no matter where they reside in the world. Over the years, Bitcoin has become increasingly popular and is now the most commonly used payment method on many online betting sites, including poker rooms and sports betting sites. The history of the monetary value is very interesting and the record level recently recorded dates back to 17 November 2013 where it cost 1 216 73 US$. In April 2013, the price per BTC went from 250 € to about 50 €, then climbed again to almost 100 €. The value of the currency has risen and fallen over time, and very recently in December 2016 it fluctuated between € 800 and €1,000. Today, the value of bitcoin is more than € 1,000.

The future of Bitcoin gambling

Projections have been made about bitcoin, and Juniper Research has predicted that the transactions that will be made with this currency will triple in 2017. Given that the digital currency incorporates features that favor the increase in its price over time, and also due to its popularity, there are many reasons to believe that it will be in great demand for a long time to come. Juniper Research announced that the transactions that will be carried out with bitcoin will reach 92 billion dollars in 2017. It should be noted that there are several factors that have allowed this body to advance these figures, including Brexit, the fragility of the Chinese economy and the problems that Europe is currently experiencing. According to estimates made by Daniel Masters, the next value of the currency is expected to reach $ 4,400 by the end of 2017. Masters believes that the popularity of bitcoin will continue to increase, and many companies will accept it as a payment option.


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