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Online Baccarat

Baccarat is perhaps the easiest table game to learn of all the casino games. Baccarat is a popular game in many European countries where it was made popular by nobles and royalty.

We take a look at the history of baccarat and its origins. The baccarat overview takes a generasl look at the game and explains the generalities of the game. Their are many baccarat variations, we list and explain the many faces of baccarat.

Our Baccarat Strategy is simple yet effective at the baccarat tables.

Baccarat Glossary

Banco:  The Banker
Bankroll:  Total amount of the player's gambling money
Croupier:  Dealer
Down Card: Any card that is dealt face down
Face Cards: Jack, Queen and King of any suit
Le grand naturel: A two-card total in Baccarat of 9. This is the best hand
Le petit naturel: A two-card total in Baccarat of 8. This is the second best hand
Natural:   Getting an 8 or 9 with the first two cards
Shoe:   The device from which cards are dealt
Standoff:  Push/Tie 
Upcard:   A card dealt face up

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