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Live Sports Feed

  betroyal Betroyal upto 25% bonus kickoff the season with royality your wagering IS AN INVESTMENT and it should be treated that way... When making any investment you would look for a service that provides security, experience, value, and trust.

Sports wagering is every bit as important as any investment. It is fun, fast paced, and involves your money. This is why we at Royal Sports are so proud to present Personal Account Management. We place serious emphasis on working with you on the individual level by offering a qualified and experienced English speaking Client Services and Account Managers to all our players. How does this affect you the player? As much as you want it to. You set the relationship parameters. Always get the right comfort level for all of your account needs from a consistent source. Nothing less than you would expect from your broker. A relationship you can trust and an always-familiar voice.

This is the new face of Royal Sports. At Royal Sports we combine fun, value and an unbeatable service to provide you the absolute best that offshore gaming has to offer. . Get all of the same great Perks, Bonuses and Value Royal has always offered. Get the security of a legal and licensed Gaming Company via the Dutch Antilles Governing Body. Bank on a decade of service experience. Now, add to that a personal Account Manager to assist you with all of your wagering business needs, and you have an unbeatable combination of the best offshore sports gaming experience available...BAR NONE!

  betroyal betroyal